Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Going Half the Distance

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read unless you have finished "A Discovery of Witches".

OK I've had days and days to think about it.  And I think the reason the "non-sex sex" bothered me has become very clear:  It's because they did everything else!  What's with that?  If they had remained platonic longer...maybe even spent half the book not getting along...and just did some kissin'-n-huggin' toward the end...I'd have accepted that they didn't consummate the vampire marriage.  But to jump into bed nekid...and be all lovin' up on each other...and inserting various digits into various crevices...THAT is what I had a hard time wrapping my brain around.  Not to MENTION the fact that we know she went downtown (in her sheet tent) and he most likely did as well.  I mean, come on!  If someone is going to jump into bed naked with you - time and time again - I don't see how it's POSSIBLE that you're not going to have intercourse the old fashioned way.  Hell - if nothing else - then by ACCIDENT when he's kissing her collarbone and she's musing about their bodies fitting perfectly.

And I get the bundling thing.  I find it somewhat intriguing in both its stupidity and its sweetness.  But I don't consider what Matthew and Diana were doing to be bundling or anything close to it.  They had their clothes off.  And they weren't just talking.  They had ORGASMS for god's sake!  Let's call a spade a spade.

And also - Matthew kept talking about wanting to take his time and make their first joining of nether regions special.  Well boyfriend better absolutely DELIVER in Book 2, dontcha think?  OH yeah.  I am giddy with glee in anticiPAtion of it already!!


  1. I agree with you! The no-sex thing didn't make any sense given their ages, how quickly they became a couple and because Matthew never really explains *why* they should wait - just that they should. No modern woman would have accepted that without some kind of explanation.

  2. The only thing I can think of to justify NOT doing it is that Matthew knows she will in fact be "up the stick" immediately following. I am fairly certain he doesn't...........according to what was said and done in the book.....but honestly, I can't be bothered to look.

    As far as "time", granted he's been kicking around for 1500yrs.......but is her "witch life" not similar to humans? So essentially HE has all the "time" in the world, but what about her?

    I have a horrible feeling they won't do the deed until book 3. Matthew will probably turn into some big jerk (b/c he's in the past?? I don't get it). That will make intimacy impossible. Right?

    I COULD possibly be jaded. I just finished reading book 2 in a series that isn't done yet. The hero and heroine "save" themselves for YEARS for eachother...........then he goes and marries someone else. Honestly. I could just barf. DG would NEVER do that to us. It's like getting a bucket of ice water thrown over you. I scowled and growled for the last 50pages. So perhaps you shouldn't listen to my ramblings..........

    You are so right. No modern woman (who wanted to do the deed) would accept that.

  3. So THIS: "Hell - if nothing else - then by ACCIDENT when he's kissing her collarbone and she's musing about their bodies fitting perfectly."
    totally reminded me of Lizzie and the Beardsley's... when they were all greased up in the bed and well, lube'll do that to ya.

    I don't get the hold off thing either. I believe I'm roughly the same age as Diana, and not boning my super hot vampire husband would have me looking for a hot blooded werewolf, Hello Alcide! ;)

    -Stacey (SWD)

  4. I have to agree, and admit this was a really an issue for me. I'm having a hard time believing this non-virgin, modern-day hit-it-quit-it witch, who's all... "Matthew's so hot or look at Matthew with his perfect body" comments were something she only had in the beginning? I think not, there's NO WAY if she had a stark naked beautiful HUSBAND vampire in my bed I would accept "lets wait a little longer". Honey needs to draw the line. AND MOREOVER, she doesn't even act THAT interested after the bundling (was I the only one who thought that?)
    I mean, Diana was it boring for you? Your shortness of breath told me otherwise - so what the hell is your deal?
    AND THEN...he says he wants to wait till they're safe? UM...a house alone w/running water when they will be leaving soon, seems pretty safe to me. MUCH safer than 1500 England in the middle of god knows what type of maddness.
    Carol, I agree completely w/your comparison of Twilight. This 'hold out' worked for Stephanie Meyer because - let's face it - they were only 17. It's actually simi-believable. However, 35+ witch and 1500+ vampire doesn't hold the same believability.
    I hate to get hung up on something that could be viewed as so superficial but in all honesty, it was all I could think of when it was all said and done. I would have been soooooo much better with the ending if they'd just had a good "go-at-it".

  5. I know I'm really late here...but man, I'm with you. The real sex better be freaking AMAZING.

  6. I loved that Deborah wrote it like this! At the very end of their first bundling when she was talking about how she knew his body perfectly, I can see the romanticism about this! I think we forget to be sensual with each other and learn eachothers bodies. Learn what eachother desires and become familiar. I think its hot and we forget to connect with our partners other than just physically. I think Deborah is genious for this because I feel this is so quintessentially matthew!

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