Monday, May 16, 2011

Look Dad! No Heartbeat!

SPOILER ALERT:  Don't read unless you have read Chapter 16 in A Discovery of Witches.

So here we are...rolling along...and thinking we've hit a huge enough scene with Diana getting all kinds of an earful from that rudedog, Knox and ending up being held against her will (and against Hottie McVampy's chest - in Matthew's rooms.  Don't you wish you had "rooms"?)  So it's alREADY pretty exciting.  Then when they get back to Diana's, girlfriend gets a HORRIBLE photo in the mail of her poor, dead parents - entrails and all.  And I'm like "Wow - this has gotten good!" - but expecting we'll be back in the Bodleian inspecting manuscripts and getting the stink eye from Sean and Marian in a matter of paragraphs.

BUT NO!  Because to what to my wandering eyes did appear but CARLISLE CULLEN- in the form of MATTHEW CLAIRMONT - turning Marcus after the Battle of Brandywine - and now Carol's head is truly exploding.

The Battle of Brandywine happened 20 miles from where I grew up in Paoli...another Revolutionary War battle I was waxing poetic about last week on My Outlander Purgatory.  So when we went from Diana tossing her cooks in front of Matthew - yet again (um, ew) - to Matthew turning Marcus and being referred to as his "father" every five minutes - and having spent time in my can see how my brain went into a bit of a tailspin.

Not only do we find out Marcus is Matthew's proverbial "son" in vamp terms...but we find out Matthew is French (I think) and killed lots of Red Coats in the Revolutionary war.  And we find this out literally out of NOWHERE, I might add!  So poor Diana is all Ambiened out on her bed, having no CLUE that her blood has qualities of The Wicked Witches of the North, South, East and West in ADDITION to Witchie Poo and that scary-eyed witch from Robin Hood - all mixed up into one.  And all of this is going on as a side story, as nonchalant as a bag of chips being left on the table.  Seriously.  I'm stunned.


  1. hi carol. it's julie from mop. how great is this--a forum for my favorite new book ADOW!! it's just so dang clever--what with the daemons as the "creative" types (amen, sister!), to the witches with links to Salem, to vampires who do yoga and eat a raw diet. ha! wait until you get to the part with matthew's mom and diana's aunts and really smart house (and I'm not referring to the interior design). yes, the library stuff kind of goes on for too long, but then there's nothing speedy about libraries--love 'em. hold on, it gets much better.

  2. Days in the library; Lorrrdd the Library!
    Echoes of Outlander: love Diana's hair, all unruly and curly. A tall protective man with an accent and a beautiful independent supersmart woman who's in over her head. When they gotta get out of Oxford, where do they go? FRANCE!!Who greets them there? 2 huge dogs. At least Diana got to pack a bag.

  3. Carol - I seriously CANNOT wait until you get to the end of this book and hear what you think about what is coming next. Seriously, I'm dying here - hurry up and read!!!!!

  4. I finished this morning during the witching hour. C'mon, Carol, you gotta catch up and blog. I'm so glad I kept reading. I want the next book NOW!!!

  5. This is goooooooood!!! I just finished chapter 16. I'm assuming girlfriend will be attending "Witchy Boot Camp" soon?

    That first kiss was cute......I'm also hoping her "powers" will equal Matthew's (and we don't have to wait until book 3 for know). 'Cause that will suck if he turns all "Edward-I-Don't-want-to-hurt-you-Cullen". Been there, bought the t-shirt.

    Oh and is it a good idea to drug someone who is in danger? What if they had to run? Men. I mean Vampires.

    A fantastic read so far!

  6. You guys are killing me - I want to say things and I can't!! hahaha

  7. Brandy,
    So I assume he DOESN'T break her in half with his sexual prowess? Vampires have rather high opinions of themselves, don't they?