Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who Needs France When There's Upstate New York?!

SPOILER ALERT:  Do not read unless you have read Chapter 35 in A Discovery of Witches.

I really should blog more but I am SO WRAPPED UP in this book, I can't even bear to be away from it.  And what really stinks is that I am 78% through it (thank you Kindle for not giving me page numbers!)  and I know that when it's over; it's over!  Sob!

OK so let's get this over with first:  There was a little naked romp where Matthew proclaimed "oh we're not having sex tonight" the second he got into the bed.  WHAT is up with THAT?  Either way - I didn't care because lorddddddd he is a lot of fun to cuddle with, is he not?  Mmm Hmm.  Sure is.  That man is FINE and can NOT do me any time he wants.  I'll settle for him standing outside the bath, holding my towel. Yup.

I LOVED the part where she was kidnapped...and that rescue was awesome.  I was so thankful that Deborah Harkness didn't make us wait too long for Diana to be found.  It was the perfect amount of "Oh my god he'll never find her!" and "Oh my god he found her!"  LOL 

OK I have to admit, I was sad when they left Sept-Tours.  I didn't want to leave!  I feel so attached to OM and Marthe...they are like family!  And now we're stuck in upstate NY with Sarah who is soooo crotchety...and Em who I actually like a lot.  But lordddddd get us back to France.  The only thing making NY bearable is the ghost of grandma.  She's hilarious!  I love all the ghosts and wish there was more mention of them.

OK no seriously - I don't hate upstate NY (I have relatives in both Syracuse AND Rochester) but I just loved feeling pampered in France...and I loved all the history references.  This is a little too close to real life for me now.  And I get defensive when Sarah gets her bitchy on with Matthew.  I think I'd have to stay at a hotel.

Marcus and Marion (what the hell is her name? I always forget) are on their way to the Bishop house as I type.  Not thrilled with Diana calling Marcus her "son" - I don't care how vampire-married she is to Matthew.   It's too soon for that.  How about getting a little cake first and maybe a little white dress?  Just sayin'.

How much do I love when she comes out of the bathroom and Matthew is - ever protectively - lying on the bed, playing with his phone so he can keep an eye on her?  Oh yes I do loves me some of THAT!  Can't you just see him in his little black socks because he took his shoes off so as not to get the comforter dirty??? I don't know why but I find that absurdly adorable for a 1500 year old vampire.

I am glad Diana is in the process of getting some closure with her parents...and that she now knows what happened and why they had to go to Africa.  We are piecing together the letter and the Ashmole page from Rebecca and Stephen right now; I'll keep you posted.

And bottom line:  I have zero clue how this is going to end but I'll tell you what - I'm already jonesing for the next one!


  1. Ha! I am from Canada (prairie girl), but I think I get your not-so-hidden meaning (France/Upstate NY). Once again, your pictures KILL ME!!!! I just watched your "Torn between Two Lovers" parody on "My Twilight Purgatory". Oh.My.Word. I'm still giggling. Well done!

  2. LOL Jennifer. I can't abuse anyone for being from "the middle of nowhere"...or "hicksville"...or "East Jabip" as I grew up in Pennsylvania! To this day I get my fair share of comments and I just laugh. Nothing better than a nice mug of coffee or tea on a front porch in the "middle of nowhere". Am I right?? :)

  3. omg...read Carol read..I cannot wait until you are done. I read it when it first came out (and I read a lot) so some of the details are fuzzy and I'm scared to say anything in fear of spoilers. Don't you love the house and the ghosts though? They are characters all in themselves! I'm glad you ended up liking OM like the rest of us did...she really came through when you needed her.

  4. THIS: There was a little naked romp where Matthew proclaimed "oh we're not having sex tonight" the second he got into the bed. WHAT is up with THAT?

    That's how he's Edward Cullen-esque. C-blocks himself. Well, that and the early-room-sneaking and the animal hunting.

    -Stacey (SWD)

  5. 1. I'm with you, girl, he can NOT do me any time he wants. Hot.

    2. I was so stinking bummed when they left Sept-Tours- I swear, when they time traveled back I swore they were going to finally do the real deed...because, well, it sounds like the perfect place...but no. Gah.