Sunday, July 15, 2012

Here Comes the Yummy

SPOILER ALERT: I am currently starting Chapter 9 in "Shadow of Night".

Oh.  My.  GAWD.  20% in and this book has just gotten exorbitantly better.  Which is interesting as I was enjoying it pretty much already.

The one thing that was bugging the hell out of me was the lack of affection between Matthew and Diana.  There hasn't been much of anything in the way of "I love you" and "I cannot live without you.

Until now.

Matty and Di traveled to Sept-Tours to let Philippe know his vampire son hasn't met the true death.  And what does Philippe (aka Douche Dad) say?  In not so many words: "You're not married - it's obvs to most of France that you haven't done the girlfriend's sleeping in her own room tonight".  OH my god - it was like visiting my parents before my husband and I were married!  And now...Di is tossing and turning and can't sleep.  And you KNOW what she's thinking!  "Um...why doesn't he want to sleep with me??"  Could he be after Ashmole and totally bullshitting her to get it?!

Holy cripes, this might be like True Blood when Sookie found out Bill started dating her because the queen hired him to get close to her!  Or in the Dream Man series when Brock was avoiding doing the nasty with Tess when he was pretending to date her while investigating her!

WHY wouldn't Matthew have girl/boy sex with Diana?!  And he LIED and said they were mated and married...but they're NOT!

LOOK OUT peeps, because this book just got 50 shades of DELISH!!!!!!!

And PS - Did I not TELL YOU that book would show up in the future?!  I can't even IMAGINE what's going to happen.  I bet Rima is going to save Diana somehow.  She is going to figure something out from that book - or maybe the witchy aunts will find something out and call her - and the book will be Diana's salvation.


  1. Ditto what I said in the last post - GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

  2. OMG! The snip from the future I LOVED!! And did take note that the page in the front where she wrote her name is missing. That seems huge to me.

  3. But Rima wants to give the book to Gerbert! The vampire the let Satu use La Pierre in the first book! This could be bad!

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