Monday, July 16, 2012

Look Who's Sharing!

SPOILER ALERT: I am currently on Chapter 11 in "Shadow of Night".

OMG OMG OMG.  There is so much tension in this book, I don't know what to do with myself.  Diana had been working in the stillroom with half her clothes off...and then had to go eat so the rest of the people in the big hall could stop waiting around for someone to allow them to eat.  It makes zero sense to me why the chef didn't tell Diana about this custom...but whatevs.

And then Matthew comes home after a long day of hunting (grrrr baby!) and is instantly annoyed with his father.  God, these two drive me nuts.  Philippe is a douche of epic proportions.

And if he's the most beautiful thing Diana has ever seen, and is probably in his...what, 30s?  Why then, am I picturing him like this --------->

<--------When clearly I should be picturing him like this!

OK...moving on...OH my thing I know...Philippe tells everyone to stay out of the stable...but Claire Diana finds both of them (along with their audience of pretty much everyone who works at Sept-Tours) going at it with swords.  And hurting each other!  Oh those crazy vampires.

So next thing we know, Matthew is having some type of chromosomal hissy fit...and of course Diana saves the day.  The way that woman stands up to Philippe makes me giggle.  If that were real life, he'd have her buried in the wall - Green Darkness style.  But not Diana Bishop.  Oh noooo sirreee.  Girlfriend swoops in and bedazzles everyone she comes into contact with - including Philippe.

OMG so we all know about my penchant for strong men who have everything and still show their weak side.  Stefan Salvatore...Christian Grey...I could go on.  And it was no different when Matthew Clairmont was kneeling in this centuries old church...that he helped to build...killing himself slowly with old memories and finding himself consumed with guilt.

OH.  MY.  GOD.  I was a mess.  WHAT a film this would make.  And poor Diana - I'd have felt the same way she did when he said Blanca was 2 months pregnant when they married.  OUCH with a capital O!

What amazes me about Diana is that she keeps her own feelings in check in order to get to the bottom of things.  A true scientist, don'tcha think?!

And as much as I love Matthew (lorddddddd I love MYself some Matthew)...he is going to get on my nerves if he doesn't start remembering that Diana is in a strange time AND place - and needs someone to lean on as much as he does!  Shit, boyfriend!  Pony UP and take care of her the way she's been taking care of you - since you showed up in the past!!!

OK y'all - I've got to get back to my book.  Talk about being consumed!! I can't even IMAGINE what is going to happen next.

PS - I think Philippe is ready to let them shack up again.

Keep your fingers crossed...


  1. Oh goodie - I can comment on some of this WITHOUT spoiling! :-D

    I keep picturing Philippe and Ysabeau as older too. In fact, in my head Ysabeau is the original witch/original vampire mommy from VD. And Philippe is some sort of cartoon version of a Greek God (or maybe Ariel's father in the Little Mermaid?? lol) I know that they're supposedly young and hot (Carlisle and Esme style), but I can't picture it that way.

    And sometimes Matthew morphs into Rob Pattinson/Edward Cullen in my head, but anything is better than VD's Elijah, right?? ;-)

    When Matthew was telling Diana about all of that stuff in the chapel - tore my heart out! That man is suffering with a capital "S", and I do love my tortured leading men. Oh yeah.

    And that was such a punch in the gut when he said that Blanca was already preggers before they got married. Poor Diana...

  2. I really liked Philippe, and hope he grows on you. I found the barn scene fascinating. It showed how much Philippe loves Matthew, and in a way, (I thought) likes Diana. For some reason I can't think of how I pictured him... I kept wondering if there was a character in Beauty and the Beast named Philippe. ha!

  3. I think Philippe grows on you too. Eventually you realize his heart his in the right place.

  4. PS I totally agree with you about the scene with Matthew in the church!! OMG! That was so good/heartbreaking!

  5. I also loved Philippe! He was one of my favourite characters in this book. I'd take daddyvamp over Matthew, oops did I just say that?!

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