Friday, July 13, 2012

Yes, Dear

SPOILER ALERT: I am currently starting Chapter 4 in "Shadow of Night".

Yikes.  I don't know what's up but something is off in this book.  It's not that they're not (yet?) doing the deed.  It's that there is no sexual undercurrent at all.  It's like they're both amoebas.  They go about their days like a married couple of 30 years.  Absolutely no thoughts of "I have to sit next to him right now" or "If I could only touch her hair."  I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G.  It's a little unnerving.

Don't get me wrong; I'm enjoying the book.  It's just...different from what I remember feeling when I read A Discovery of Witches.  This is not the Matthew who hurriedly took Diana outside for a walk and threw her up against a tree in lust.  This is a Matthew who can't wait to get up from the dinner table so he can commiserate with his pretentious buddies about their pondering of Plato's true age when he met Socrates.

A few things...

**I love this book Diana is scribbling in (Lordddddddd is she scribbling).  I just KNOW it's going to be a focal point of some kind later.  They're either going to find it in the Bodleian or maybe even go looking for it once they get sent back suddenly to their own time and need to find some info about the witch-training that was going on back in 1590.  SOMETHING is going to come about with this book.  It's just way too early to even speculate what that something is.

**Matthew's a little bitchy in this book.  Do this...don't do that.  Ignore the gossip...don't make appointments with people...etc, etc.  And I can't figure out WHAT she is doing with her days and HOW she is staying sane.  They haven't brought in a witch yet but Matthew is just tickled that he gets to spend time with the Night Rider crew.  (LOL I just made myself crack up with that one.)  I would run screaming from the big house and go the hell home without him if I were her.  Let him stay and do his thing with his philosophizing friends and I'll go back to the Bodleian with the Daemons and the Vamps and the Witches where it is WAY more interesting...and I actually count.

**Why doesn't Diana just not talk?  Or speak French or something?  She was the most brilliant kid in her class all those years.  Girlfriend MUST know another language she can spew around these snotty, meddling Brits.  Or geez - why can't she just say "I'm American!  I talk funny!  STFU!"

**When Diana was looking at the Elizabethan coins, all I could think was "Take one home!  Shove a few in your pocket!  Do you know what those things go for on eBay?!?"  ;)


  1. You are screamingly funny!

  2. Thanks Anonymous. I've been reading tonight and can't WAIT to blog tomorrow. LOTS of stuff has gone down in the last two chapters. This book is getting DELISH! :)

  3. "the Night Rider crew" LOLOL

    I think that I should have tried to pace myself along with you because now that I'm finished with the book I'm afraid to say anything else here.


  4. LOL @Night Rider Crew!! All I can say is that I'm SO glad that I reread ADOW before starting this one. There was so much I forgot. Like Hamish telling Diana that Matthew won't be the same Matthew in the past. And oh boy is that true. He quickly fell into old patterns and old thinking. I think me rereading that before starting this book has helped me through so far.

    1. Old Matthew is probably what I'm having the hardest time with.

      SPOILER ALERT - I AM AT 54%! DO NOT READ FURTHER if you are not there yet!!

      You guys - I just got to the part yesterday where Matthew and Diana were discussing modern women's views of vampires...and how they just feed and _____...and Matthew was "horrified". I'm sorry.. WHAT?! I'm sick to death of him being a proper English chap. He's become totally sanitized and - dare I say - boring! I read vampire books for a reason! WTF?!?