Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shadow of Night

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read unless you have read Chapter 1 in Shadow of Night.

One chapter down...lorddddddd knows how many to go.  I want to warn you all that this is going to be a slowwwww process for me to get through this book.  I forgot how intense DH's writing is...which means I will not be able to read while my 7 year old is sitting next to me, playing his 3DS.  I need quiet and I need time...two things that aren't always easy to come by in my house.

I had planned on reading this morning for 3 hours (shhh...don't tell my husband)  but my daughter broke her glasses and a hunt for Krazy Glue ensued...followed by a terrible dry run with Gorrilla glue...followed by a trip to CVS for the actual Krazy glue...followed by a trip back to school and a long conversation with a teacher.  And THEN I had a phonecall when I got back to solidify plans for tonight's showing of Magic Mike.

My life is a never ending ball of fun.

Now...on to Shadow of Night:

See?  Even Matthew
looks frustrated!
SHIT!!!  I'm right back to where I was at the end of A Discovery of Witches....which is "PLEASE JUMP EACH OTHER'S BONES BEFORE I LOSE IT".  It's not so much the non-sex as it is the non-intimacy.  My God - he's the hottest, smartest, richest MANPIRE on the planet!  I would not be able to keep my hands off him!  And OH my God - NOW they are in the most ROMANTIC setting EVER...16th century Elizabethan England...with the crackling fire and the four poster bed with curtains that close around you whilst you're gettin' busy with your older-than-dirt Manpire.  Only they're NOT gettin' busy because there are fifty million pompous ASSES flitting about and interrupting them right there in the sack!

This book is causing me to have a NEED to google Marlowe, though...who I canna help but envision as Rupert Everett as he played Christopher Marlowe in Shakespeare in Love.

And what's bugging me the most IS that need to google him as HE is the one who I find MOST annoying!!  And My hottie pattotie MANPIRE is getting on my nerves for not throwing his ass the hell OUT.  But - I guess he's trying to lie low so no one suspects the fact that they've traveled from 5 centuries in the future.

Who I am finding intriguing?  Francoise.  I know, I know...probably a nothing character.  But maybe not.  I think she is going to be quite the confidant to Diana and I think she's well ahead of the game as far as what it going on with Matthew and D.  We shall have to wait and see now, won't we?

PS - PLEASE do not refer to Matthew as Matt.  I saw that last night and wanted to hurl something at someone.  He's way above that nickname.  No Manpire of mine is going to go by anything but his full name, damnit!  ;)


  1. Ok...I just cracked Shadow of Night and am about 10 pages deep. I TOTALLY agree with you on the abstinence thing! When Discovery of Witches ended, I was like, "I can't believe I'm going to have to wait till JUly for this!" Will see what happens. Would happily read the day away,but, sadly, I have a ton of work to do. Am trying to rush through it so I can read.

    1. OMG Elizabeth, I am savoring this book like no other. I don't know where you are so that is all I will say!

  2. I'm 25 percent in and it's moving slowly. I agree with your assessments of chapter 1....looking forward to the next installment (er...I mean your next blog entry!)

  3. I haven't gotten much further than you in SON, but I have a theory that vampire/witch sex could be dangerous -- not in the Twilight-I-could-crack-your-pelvis-with-my-peen dangerous, but something else. That or he's just nervous :)

  4. Carol, I don't even know why I'm posting, cause you know that I'm nowhere near reading this, but I had to say one thing. The whole Matt/Matthew thing is how I feel when people are reading The Bronze Horseman and refer to Alexander/Shura as Alex. That just can't happen. Okay. Carry on. I won't be back until I read the book, which may take awhile and I sure won't be listening to the audiobook.

  5. "not in the Twilight-I-could-crack-your-pelvis-with-my-peen dangerous"


    That's pretty much all I have to add here. On to the next blog installment (I'm so far behind!)

  6. LOL I am so sorry because I am just seeing some of these posts now!!! I need to giddyap!