Thursday, July 12, 2012

Two's Company: Go The Hell Home, Guys!

SPOILER ALERT: I am currently starting Chapter 3 in "Shadow of Night".

Holy crap.  This book exhausts me.  It's deliciously intense.  I have to reread certain things three times before they sink in.

Um, is it me, or do you want to SMACK these 16th century fellows for talking about Diana RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER?  She totally doesn't count in most of their eyes.  And I love how they all throw around "Oh I thought you would be bedding _______ (insert well dressed little tart's name here)."  Um...HELLO??? Do ANY of you have any manners?  My God, it's maddening!  I'd want to slap them all in their Elizabethan faces!  Except Hal; he's a sweetie.

Queen Elizabeth I - in death.
Don't stare now...she was vain and
will come back and haunt your ass. 
OMG...speaking of Elizabethan...I am dying to think she might meet the Queen.  Elizabeth I is on the short list of people I'd want to meet if I were able to go back in time.  In my mind, she looked infinitely better than she does on her effigy in Westminster.  Lordddddddd...that is not a flattering look on her.  Sheesh.  One can only hope she'd come back today and say "Take that horrible thing down and show me looking like the red-headed hottie I was!"

Christopher Marlowe.  Isn't he
fantastic?  What a snotty little
queen.  I think I love him. 
OK let's get serious.  I keep wondering if and when they are going to clue in that Matthew is from the future.  I also don't trust Kit as far as I can throw him.  WHAT is his damage?!  He hates Diana just because she's with Matthew?  He knows Matthew's not gay.  These vamps don't go both ways like the ones who hang around with Sookie Stackhouse.  Kit needs to step OFF and chill.  (I'd love to be the one to tell him; I bet he'd be a hoot to hang out with...much like Lord John Grey when he's been hangin' in the slave quarters.  I do love me some queens.  They're ridiculously fun to get silly with.)

Ashmole 782:  Oooooh y'all...can you IMAGINE going back to the 16th century to scout out info about this thing?  The whole thing is so scrumptious, I can't even contain myself.  I just wish all the house guests would go busy themselves with a foxhunt or something so I Diana can spend some quality time with my her manpire.

Roanoke: The Lost Colony.
I've been freaked out by this story
for years.  I can barely read the Wiki.
OH - wait - Sir Walter Raliegh.  OH HOLY SHIT.  I almost fell over when I read "Roanoke".  How creepy-cool is the Lost Colony???  Ooooh I LOVE Deborah Harkness for taking this route.  Croatoan!  I am flipping out now...wondering WHO will pressure Matthew for info about their lot in life once they find out he's from the future.  If Sir Walter Raleigh lost his daughter and granddaughter in NC?  Oh snap.  He's going to be all over Matthew if he finds out he's made it to the 21st century, does yoga in the big house, and has access to the internet aka every newspaper imaginable for years.

Holy crap - it's like Marty McFly meets Edward Cullen (with a shitload more centuries on him and the dinero to go with it.)

OK I am sorry to scram...but I have some free time and a quiet house.



  1. I've been to Roanoke and saw the outdoor play (with about 100 other audience members and a million pre-historic sized mosquitos in attendance) about how the colony went missing. Aside from some Disney Channel-esque acting, it was a pretty chilling story.

  2. Ooh, I've always been creeped out/super intrigued by Roanoke as well! I got chills when I read that part...